Why set up a company in RAK

Why set up a company in RAK?

 If you are looking to launch a company in the UAE, then Ras Al Khaimah is an excellent choice that can aid your business. It is located at the northern end of the UAE, shares hilly boundaries between the Hajar Mountains on the East and the Arabian Gulf on the West. RAK is fast emerging as the biggest investment option for multinational financiers. Apart from the straightforward administrative procedures, strategic location and ease of access, it is a leading port and offshoring destination in the northern Emirate.

A rak company set up can bring countless advantages to its investors, and if you are hoping to start a business in RAK, then this article will help you in learning the benefits that you will be benefiting from.

Perfect Location and Straightforward Access to Global Market & MENA Region

The region of RAK has a myriad system of logistic centers and multi lane superhighways. It is a well-established location for manufacturing, trading and storing as it snatches the interest of investors across the globe. The region also offers numerous free zones that give flexibility to the entrepreneurs and provide a tax-free footing for business establishment. Another interesting aspect of RAK is that it offers vast opportunities to target the worldwide market and catch their interest. As the MENA region proves to be one of the highly targeted markets, entrepreneurs can easily earn enormous profits and boost their business progression ultimately.

Asset protection

RAK has imposed stringent laws and regulations respecting business asset protection that builds a feeling of safety in the minds of entrepreneurs and stands out as one of the positive aspects for business. It also provides lawsuit protection for all the offshore companies by building a boundary between the creditors and business possessions. Furthermore, RAK Investment Authority will perform a comprehensive inspection before the launch of your business and verify that your business is integrated appropriately. However, in case of a legal rivalry, the property under the firm will be conserved by the administration.

Tax Exemption

Tax-exemption is one of the crucial aspects that attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs to push forward and create a business force in the region of RAK. It gives the flexibility of conducting business import-export undertakings at a free of cost, and thus reduces the tax pressure. You don’t even have to pay taxes on your revenue and dividend. RAK also offers tax-exemptions for new entrepreneurs to move ahead and solidify their business seeds.

Top-notch Office Facilities

The RAK free zone also enables earning an adequate office room. Likewise, you can lease an office in one of the facilities constructed for this objective. Apart from an office space, they also deliver incredible storage establishments. In short, the region of RAK can deliver numerous business facilities for you to fulfill your business requirements. Some of the custom installations are listed below:

  • Land and Warehouse
  • Permanent power supply
  • Customized workstations
  • Flexi-desk facilities
  • Secretarial and business centre services

100% Ownership

If you are planning to establish a business in the RAK, you can possess 100% foreign ownership. This is a relief to several entrepreneurs as they don’t have to get in more distress with sponsors anymore. By integrating a business in RAK, you won’t encounter a problem of giving the control of your business to a foreign UAE citizen. Instead, the company can trade within the provincial markets through a regional dealer. 

Limited Boundation

If you choose Ras Al Khaimah for setting up your business, there won’t be any strict laws or restrictions as compared to any other jurisdiction. The Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority has imposed its own rules and regulations that have to be abided by the businesses in the region.

Business Confidentiality

One of the most important aspects while doing business is to conserve confidentiality regarding the business proceedings. At RAK, the Government gives absolute care in providing business confidentiality and anonymity to the business holders. As a result, this entices innumerable investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world to establish their business in the region of RAK.

Earmarked Industrial Zones & Business Parks

RAKEZ concentrates on attracting interest from the foreign investors and entrepreneurs across the globe. For this reason, they have come up with the segmented zones assigned for the activities of suitable businesses like trading, manufacturing etc. The most popular business regions include the following:

  • Al Hulaila Industrial Zone
  • RAKEZ Business Zone
  • Al Ghail Industrial Zone
  • RAKEZ Academic Zone
  • Al Hamra Industrial Zone


Launching a business in RAK has proved to be efficient for all the entrepreneurs. Handling the proceedings in a different region might become hard as you may not be familiar with their legal procedures. To ease the system, the majority of the company owners end up uniting hands with company advisers who can assist them in that subject professionally. This allows you to concentrate on your company’s preferences in a much more profitable way. Our consultants are here who have been assisting numerous customers to organize their uae mainland company formation. Our professionals take the endeavor of recognizing your company goals and cater to the requirements by delivering custom solutions efficiently.


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