Why Choose Counter Display Boxes for Promotional Merchandise?

Corrugated boxes have a unique advantage over other packaging options; they have a unique appeal. Corrugated boxes have got a texture which is different than other boxes. These boxes can be customized by adding extra lamination or by printing the logo of your company on them. Corrugated boxes can be customized in many ways by using different boxes that have been customized with standard cardboard or with thick plastic. You can have any kind of printed message on the corrugated boxes.

Consumer Material

Corrugated display boxes made of heavy cardboard are in great demand these days. The corrugated cardboard boxes are made with post-consumer material, after which it is stacked with wire frame and peanuts. These boxes are environmentally friendly. One can use it with ease.


There are many companies who can help you in designing and printing out your custom counter display boxes with or without a logo. These boxes can be used for trade show promotional merchandises, for displaying products at exhibitions and seminars, for mailing products and for mailing gifts to customers and clients. One can customize the corrugated cardboard free shipping boxes by using different designs that are available on the Internet. The customized corrugated free shipping, display boxes can be ordered online by filling up a form with details about the product you wish to print.

Price of Corrugated Cardboard Counter

The price of corrugated cardboard counter top display boxes is quite affordable as compared to other packaging options. The cost of the boxes is less than a dollar each. You can get a variety of designs from the Internet. Many companies offer free shipping if you order above a certain amount. The cost of customized packing is also less than free shipping options.

Customized Corrugated Boxes

Customized corrugated boxes for trade show promotional merchandises are also available in multi-depth boxes, which can carry a number of different products. Some of these boxes can carry up to four hundred and fifty products. If you want to use your business’s logo to design the corrugated boxes, you can have them printed on both sides. For the purpose of shipping your items, you can opt for a self-sealing foam insert that can reduce handling time and can add protection to your items.

Free Shipping Display Boxes

Corrugated cardboard free shipping display boxes with or without a logo will provide years of use and make a perfect corporate gift for your customers. These items are easy to maintain and clean. For this reason, many people choose this packaging material to ship their items. The polystyrene coating that is used for manufacturing these packaging options resist grease and stains. The coating does not absorb liquids and does not allow dust to build up. Because of its ability to withstand many harsh elements, it is one of the most preferred materials to use for wrapping gifts.

Custom Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

Most of these custom cardboard counter display boxes come in white, black, or red. You can have the boxes printed with your company name, logo, and contact information. As you shop around for the best deals on these packaging materials, you will discover that many companies will ship for free with your promotional item, including domestic and international orders.

Cost-Effective Way

For many businesses, giving away promotional items is a cost-effective way to get the name of their brand out into the community. In addition to using these free shipping boxes to display your items, you can also order custom display cases or other forms of custom merchandise packaging to go along with the giveaway. With the help of a professional printing company, you can create the wraps that will perfectly compliment the custom cardboard free shipping boxes. By choosing the right custom packaging, you can give your company the exposure it needs to become known throughout the community and across the country.

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