What To Do When You Feel Nervous?

What To Do When You Feel Nervous?

Whether being nervous is a thing that’s not in your hands. Whether this is a thing, which you can have anytime or anywhere. Sometimes you may be worried about this as well. Why do you think that’s why I am nervous? What is the reason? Which made me nervous, whether I made an answer then why at this moment of the time. Whether nervous you can have, whether of anything. Whether you do not do the work of the office, whether this can make you nervous as well. If you are going to give an examination, then that is the thing as well which makes you nervous. Whether any big deal or big thing in your life is going to happen, then that can make you nervous as well. But the reason behind becoming nervous can be anything. But what is the thing that you can do when you become nervous? That can be difficult for you to know. There are many things which you can do so that you can come out from nervousness. There is something that you can do when you are nervous. 

Write it down 

If you are nervous, then what you can do is write. If you are thinking, what you need to write then two things need to be written. If you get to know what the reason is which makes you nervous, then that thing you can write on the paper. Whether you do not have a thing to write, whether diary or journal. Then you can ask a shop to send you the best thing to write, whether just like they send the best rakhi gift to you. So that you can think about the thing which makes you nervous. Whether that thing is that important for you, that it can make you nervous or whether not. If you get to know this thing, then your nervousness gets far away from you. If you do not know this, then you can do one more thing. Whether you can write your feelings, whether you are nervous about what you feel, whether you write that. Then maybe you understand what is the thing that makes you calm or nervous. So there are many benefits that, write it down if you do then get solved. That’s why when you are nervous then you can do this thing. So that your nervousness can go away from you, and you become a calm person once again. 


Whether you breathe, at the time of when you are nervous then that helps you also to calm your nerves. Whatever you can do, you can take a deep breath and leave it out. Whether again take a deep breath and again leave it out. If you do this, then it calms your nervousness. Because it sends the brain that you are nervous-free, and you aren’t nervous. If you do this thing, then it can help you to be a nervous-free person. So when you are nervous you can do this thing as well. 

Challenge your thought 

Whether as people said, that toughest situation, which you face, that toughest situation helps you to take the best from you. Whether that thing you can apply in this nervous as well. Whether you can challenge your thought, whether the thing makes you nervous. Whether that thing is that important so that it can make you nervous. If you do not receive the gift item online which you ordered, then you think that it is important for you. Whether you can not handle that thing without being nervous as well. Whether any other person is in place of you, whether in your situation then what that person does. Whether that person also becomes, or whether that person fights with this problem with keeping calm. So in this way you can challenge your thoughts as well. So this thing, you can do when you are nervous. 

Think you are calm 

Whether the brain thinks, what we say it to think. So you think that you are a calm person, whether or not you are nervous. Whether you think that, then whether under a few minutes. The nervousness which you have, whether that becomes vanish or if not vanish then gets less. So this is the thing you can do when you are nervous. 

Whether for some people coming out from being nervous, there are different ways. Whether some eat sweets, whether some eat their food, and whether they think or believe that it helps them to come out from being nervous. Whether some listen to music at that time as well, when they are nervous. So you can think, what is the way which makes you calm  

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