To understand the GPU’s capabilities and performance it is essential to check all its specifications

If you’re looking to have a rough idea of how one GPU performs in comparison to other GPUs it is possible to increase the amount of processors in stream divided by the clock speed. For instance by multiplying the number of stream processors and frequency of the clockspeed on the 270X we will get (1,280 1050) 1.3 billion. Compare that with the 290, which is (2560 947) 2.4 billion and we can confidently conclude that the 290X has superior to the 270X even though the 270X has a faster clock speed.

Therefore, a faster clock speed and an increased number of stream processors is two good things however, you cannot analyze a single feature to determine the effectiveness on your GPU.

Most of the time, the most efficient and easiest method of determining the best video card for your needs is to check out real-world game benchmarks. Benchmarks are calculated based on frames per second also known as FPS, which refers to the amount of games that the device can render in a second. More frames per second are better as well, and 60 FPS is a great framerate to strive for when PC gaming, though games with slower speeds can be easy to play with about 20 FPS as well as games that are fast-paced could benefit from even greater frame rates that are higher than 60 FPS. Buy old graphics card online in India.

To show how you can evaluate games with benchmarks for graphics We’ll look at a few test results from TechSpot for Witcher 3, currently a extremely demanding game.

Here are the frame rates at 1080p on Ultra-quality. It’s clear that an NVIDIA GTX 980 is averaging 56 FPS, whereas our AMD R9 290 is averaging 36. The 270X is able to only manage 14 frames per second, and makes it not playable.

1080_Ultra copy

As you move up in resolution from 1440p to 1400p frame rates fall to 40 FPS on the GTX 980. On our 290 model, we get an increase to 28 which is still usable, however, it is far from the ideal 60+ FPS. The 270X is fully slideshow-like with 10 FPS.

1440_Ultra copy

For benchmarks in 4K we’ll be switching to a different vendor, GamersNexus, because they test slightly more powerful configurations.


4K resolution is the most demanding to play The Witcher 3. Two GTX 980s are able to average 42 FPS at resolution of 4K. The GTX Titan X, with 12 gigabytes of RAM is able to only achieve 36 FPS at 4Kresolution, however, one GTX 980 is able to achieve 26.

In the 4K Witcher tests, the highest performance was achieved by two GTX 980s working in identical systems. If you’ve got an appropriate processor and the power supply your PC can include as many as four graphics cards that work together to share the graphical task. ddr2 graphics card online in India 

Two GPUs are nearly twice faster than a single GPU. The addition of a third GPU typically, only offers you a slight advantage over two and four GPUs. are rarely superior than 3.

Here’s an illustration that shows Battlefield 4 performance at 1440p and 4K using one, three, two, or four GTX 980s (courtesy of It’s evident how four GTX 980s have a lower performance than three due to the fact that the cost of having a fourth card far outweighs the extra power it brings.


The term used to describe this type of connection that connects multiple GPUs differs based the brand you’re using. If you’re using NVIDIA card, this is known as SLI. For AMD cards it’s known as CrossFire.

There are some additional useful considerations to consider when choosing an appropriate graphics processor: power or heat, as well as noise.

In general your graphics card is the most power-hungry component on your computer. A single GPU with a power rating of 290 is able to easily draw 300 watts out of your power supply. Multiple GPUs could quickly increase power consumption, and is the most efficient way of require the upgrade of your power supply.

Graphics cards, just like all the other components inside your computer, use up 90% of the energy they consume as heat. Therefore, having proper airflow is essential when you upgrade to bigger graphics cards or construct a multi-card system. Remember this when choosing a case to use with your project.

When they’re under the stress of a heavy load, the fan on graphics cards could quickly turn into the most noisy thing on your computer. If you want to keep your PC quiet, it is important to assess the level of noise of various cards. Noise is an elusive item to compare because it’s hard to quantify accurately. It is necessary to locate third party benchmarks in order to collect reliable noise data, and they’re not directly comparable to noise benchmarks of different individuals.

Here’s a chart from which shows the the load noise levels of various GTX 970s as well as 980s. Lower numbers indicate less noise. The general rule is that a difference of 10 decibels is about twice as loud which means that the most loud GTX 970 is over twice as loud as the tiniest GTX 970.

noise levels

If you’re looking to buy new graphics cards we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the specifications of each card by comparing benchmarks and looking up recommendations from trusted sources.

As I said, NVIDIA and AMD release new graphics cards each year or two times a year, so it’s important to check that your recommendations are current and up to the minute.

In the end, if you’re looking to buy new graphics cards We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the specifications of each card by comparing benchmarks and looking up suggestions from trusted sources.

The GPU chip inside every graphics card is manufactured in or NVIDIA or AMD However, the card itself is made by a different firm, like EVGA, ASUS, or Gigabyte.

The major distinctions between these brands are customer support, warranty, as well as the quality and noise level of their heat sinks.

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