The Quintessential Rolex Watch Born to Last a Lifetime

The Quintessential Rolex Watch Born to Last a Lifetime

The Datejust is the quintessential Rolex timepiece that set the standard for a calendar display wristwatch after its debut in 1945. It is a cornerstone offering from Rolex whose appeal remains universal. This revolutionary Rolex watch is born to go with anything and combat any situation. 

Thus, the Rolex Datejust is the go-to luxury watch for millions of buyers globally. The timepiece has braced the wrists of many athletes, political leaders and celebrities. 

The Datejust is likely the watch that strikes the mind of an average person first when you utter the “Rolex” word. So let’s dig into the details about this quintessential Rolex watch with enduring brilliance. 

The Defining Features & Options of the Best-selling Rolex watch

Rolex has produced many of its collections aiming at a specific lifestyle or sport. During the 1950s, people preferred to embrace different watches for different activities. However, the watchmaker developed the Datejust to work as an accurate and durable timepiece that could accompany users daily. 

Eventually, Rolex offered the model a simplistic style displaying the time and date. You will not find anything beyond these things in the Datejust. However, the Rolex Datejust achieved an iconic status despite this minimalistic design, instantly recognised for its aesthetics. It is one of the best-selling luxury watches of all time. 

The Rolex Datejust: Sizes

The Datejust collection currently consists of four main models – Lady Datejust 28, Datejust 41, Datejust 36 and Datejust 31. Rolex discontinued the production of the Lady-Datejust in 26mm and Datejust II in 41mm. 

The Precious Metal Options 

The iconic Rolex Datejust is available in different precious metal options: stainless steel, yellow gold, Everose gold, and white gold. However, you can also find some editions in –

  • White Rolesor (stainless steel and a white gold bezel)
  • Yellow Rolesor (a two-tone combination of stainless steel and yellow gold)
  • EveroseRolesor (a two-tone combination of stainless steel and rose gold)
  • Platinum (only available in midsize Datejust and Lady-Datejust models)
  • Gem-set. 

The Bezel Options

In the case of bezels, you can choose between fluted, smooth and gem-set Datejust models. Rolex also offered the engine-turned and rotatable “Turn-O-graph” bezel as options. But the brand has discontinued these two bezel styles. 

The Bracelet Options

Rolex equips the Datejust with the sportier Oyster or, the dressier Jubilee bracelet. However, you can find the sophisticated President bracelet in only some midsize Datejust and Lady-Datejust models. 

Well, the Datejust is not dressy as a Cellini or President. It is also not an outright tool watch like a Daytona or Submariner. The timepiece is a perfect blend of substance and style. Moreover, considering its substantial varieties in metal, finishing and size, the Datejust might be the only timepiece a watch lover would realistically need. 

How much can a Rolex Datejust cost you?

In Rolex’s latest catalogue, you will the whole stainless steel watches featuring Oyster bracelets and smooth bezels as the least expensive Datejust. However, their retail price tags will vary according to the sizes. For example –

The Datejust 36 Reference 126200 retails at about £5,096. On the contrary, the Datejust 41 Reference 126300 comes with a retail price tag of £5,530. 

Moreover, prices are most likely to elevate naturally with the type of precious metals and diamonds. The current retail price of the Datejust 41 Reference 126333 is about £9,580; whereas, the Datejust 36 Reference 126233 has a retail price of nearly £8,458. 

However, you can peep inside the pre-owned market to buy a Datejust of your choice and budget. Rolex has upgraded this iconic collection over time, but it retained the core design throughout its production history. Thus, you can make substantial savings on a second hand Datejust that appears the same as the latest versions. 

The model you will ultimately choose will depend on availability, budget, and personal taste. However, it is worth it if you consider the model’s provenance. You are likely to find some bruises on pre-owned watches. But if you purchase it from a seller who guarantees you, it will prevent you from significant mechanical problems that might be under the hood. 

Overall, the Rolex Datejust is overall an excellent example of the brand’s unrivalled artistry. The collection comes in eight unique metal combinations and with over 100 dial choices. If you look hard enough, you will indeed find a model to complement you. The Datejust is the perfect choice if you want a great timepiece that will last you for a lifetime. 

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