Top 5 Family-Friendly Apps For Kids

In this article, we will discuss top of the 5 family friendly apps for kids that you can use for kids and play it safe.

Some Of The Top Family-Friendly Apps For Kids

COVID-19 has resulted in children spending significantly more time on their devices. Kids are in front of screens more than ever before, whether it’s a MacBook Air for school, an iPad for music lessons, or just an iPhone 8 for regular screen time. Let’s make the most of our time together! We’ve done our homework and discovered some of the best educational applications for kids. Take a look at some of the ideas we’ve come up with:

Goodness Shapes:

Age Range 3-6 

If you have a 3-6 year old, you know they can be a handful at times (did we say always? we meant always). You have to keep your eyes peeled at all times, expecting them to dash for your freshly painted wall wielding an uncapped Sharpie. Let’s not even talk about keeping kids entertained on road trips or during doctor’s appointments. Give your kid a phone or tablet, sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet, and try not to think about how much screen time they’ve already had. Try out the Goodness Shapes app to relieve some of that guilt! They can never be too young to learn their shapes, so take advantage of that screen time and get to work.


Take some time to sit with them as they play — research has shown that co-playing with your children leads to speedier growth and more engagement.

Age Range 2-8 

Do you want to take your education to the next level? ABCmouse is a fun game to play. This programme covers a wide range of subjects, including arithmetic and reading, as well as music and art. You can buy several bundles that grow in difficulty depending on your child’s age. Begin with a 30-day trial to observe how your children respond. You can ensure that your child’s time spent on the iPad or Galaxy tablet is both pleasant and educational using ABCmouse.


Quick Math Jr.:

Age Range 4-8


Who still counts with their fingers? It’s time for some honesty. You’re not alone, to be sure. We all know we should have taken our math classes in school more seriously, but it may be annoying at times. Fortunately for your children, they live in an age where these math apps have become useful and fun. Quick Arithmetic Jr. is a terrific way for kids to release some of their pent-up energy while also keeping them focused on math problems and puzzles. With challenges and games geared for youngsters ages 4 to 8, this easy software makes math a fun experience.


Age Range 10+


It is preferable to begin learning a language while you are young. According to a Scientific American article, it is preferable to begin learning a language when you are around 10 years old. While Duolinguo cannot guarantee complete language mastery, it can assist students in laying a foundation that will serve them well in future language classes. Another fantastic feature of Duolingo is that your youngster can also complete English grammar classes! Get your kids started with the Duolingo app as soon as possible so they can advance their language skills.

Swift Playgrounds:

Age Range 9+

We all know that knowing how to code is beneficial, but like algebra, learning to code appears to be a chore. Swift Playground comes to the rescue! This brilliant programme enables your child to begin learning to code in a fun and engaging manner. While your child may not grow up to be the next big computer tycoon, providing them that extra coding expertise will be quite beneficial. Coding is a valuable technique that your child can utilise for years to come, from website development to video game development.



Explained above are all of the fantastic tablet and smartphone applications that you can download and let your kids have all the fun along with an amazing learning experience. A wonderful adventure experience is provided by the beautiful graphics of these apps as well. So don’t wait up and get them today on your devices. Let kids have all the fun!

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