Satellite Tracking System For Car Theft

Satellite tracking system for cars modern equipment to constantly monitor the movements of your vehicle, for example, when it is stolen. The system consists of several components that affect the performance of all equipment.


Each system – a clever design with different drawing ideas that allows timely monitor the condition of a particular vehicle. At the core of the equipment is a personal GPS tracker, which looks like a mobile phone, it has an internal battery. The device makes it possible, if necessary, to give a signal to your phone or monitoring server. Satellite vehicle tracking systems provide data about location, speed, vehicle mileage online.


Among the most popular tracking systems is GPS / GLONASS, which allows solving several problems simultaneously:

  1. To monitor the position of the vehicle in real-time.
  2. Track mileage.
  3. Control operating time.
  4. Monitor fuel consumption.
  5. Monitor the health of auto mechanisms.


Among the most popular ways to track your vehicle takes a seat satellite vehicle tracking system “GLONASS”. This equipment is intended, to control the movement of objects. His work is based on satellite navigation. At the base, there is an onboard controller, where the movement of vehicles is monitored, the high-speed mode, and the operation of individual units. In practice, the most popular being GPS “GLONASS” and GSM.

But still, it is a satellite tracking system for cars, “GLONASS” is the most functional. This device is characterized by functionality, so it can solve several problems:

  1. Track vehicle position in real-time.
  2. Track the truck.
  3. This allows the controller to receive prompt information on the directions and the speed of the car.
  4. Full control over the operation of machine equipment, both full-time and more.
  5. Remotely control the vehicle, e.g., stop the engine if the car is stolen or there is an emergency.


For GSM car satellite tracking system has not received wide acceptance, because the service is not enough to accurately determine vehicle position and speed. The standard version of the equipment can only show where the base stations, so the accuracy of such a system is low.

GPS-based tracking works based on the reception of navigation signals that are continuously transmitted to satellites. Reception is performed by special sensors, antennas, which are placed on the truck. Navigation information is received from several satellites, so you can see in real-time to determine where the car is and how fast it will develop.


Satellite GPS Vehicle Tracking System is in great demand because the equipment limit differs reliable performance. Special vehicle GPS trackers are mounted on magnets or connected to the onboard power supply. Observers have the opportunity at any time to see where the desired object, and this can be done on a mobile phone and a PC. The system will store all data on the speed and direction of movement of the car. The advantages of choosing equipment include:

  • Installation simple and fast requires minimal cost;
  • Equipment quickly pays for itself;
  • The control system is effective.

In addition, the satellite tracking system for car theft – is insurance for most cars, as in any situation, he will always be under control.


Today, many companies offer fleet management systems, which ensure its safety, fast and the vehicle runs more efficiently. “Caesar Satellite” – a system that can solve some problems:

  1. Perform remote control of each transport unit.
  2. Record route, vehicle mileage in any period.
  3. Control acceleration inflow.
  4. Protect against theft due to the panic button.

Reliability, durability, and operating accuracy of the equipment. This is what distinguishes the satellite vehicle tracking system. Photos presented in the article shows how this system works. Installation of the equipment is simple and it is extremely compact and takes up very little space.


Few people know that the system of self-monitoring is and the company “MTS”. A set of “MTS-Files” determines the position of the vehicle via GPS, and then sends the data over the cellular network. Owner equipment can monitor the movement of vehicles via the Internet. The unique features of this system include the following:

  • A map of the location of vehicles available on the phone or computer;
  • SOS button on the tracker can automatically send messages to pre-set 6 phone numbers or e-mails;
  • The device has a microphone that enables a voice tracking environment;
  • Satellite tracking system for “MTS” cars is equipped with built-in non-volatile memory that accumulates the entire history of the movement when suddenly there was no communication;
  • The tracker works an average of 90 days in sleep mode;
  • The accelerometer sensor adjusts the frequency of sending messages, depending on how fast the car is moving.


As you can see, vehicle tracking systems are widely used, due to their performance regardless of weather conditions and time of day. It is interesting that in addition to protection against identity theft such complexes can solve a number of problems, which are especially important for large car companies:

  • Monitor fuel consumption;
  • Monitor unplanned downtime;
  • Avoid “Left” flights or empty runs;
  • Improve driver discipline.

For each case, you can choose your GPS monitoring, which will be more efficient and convenient for use. Even though such complexes are expensive, they pay for themselves very quickly, besides having monitoring systems can improve the operational safety of vehicles.

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