PrognoCIS EMR: Is It the Right Choice for Your Practice?

About PrognoCIS

PrognoCIS is a supplier of Health IT alternatives for practices and healthcare facilities of all size ranges, founded in the earliest days of the 2000s. Integrated systems for electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM), and patient portal software are available from the supplier. It also provides clients with specialized revenue cycle management software as well.  

The system is ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant, and also Meaningful Use Stage 2 approved.   PrognoCIS is cloud-based, and it has a low installation expense. It also contains digital signatures, which make it simpler for clients and medical professionals to file papers digitally through the patient portal or EMR. Doctors can choose what amount of access they want to give their clients through the patient portal. 

If you want to know if PrognoCIS EMR Software is right for you, make sure to read this article till the end. Along with talking about the top features of the software, we’ll also talk about PrognoCIS EMR pricing. We’ll also talk a little about PrognoCIS EMR Reviews so let’s get into that! 

PrognoCIS EMR: Top 5 Features

  • Streamlined Document Management

The absence of stability in the use of EHR is a frequent problem. As a result, incorrect documentation could be collected. You can obtain the valuable information you require without even being packaged into a standardized template with a configurable EHR like PrognoCIS. 

Customization continues to prove itself as a significant characteristic, particularly when viewed in a healthcare configuration. Techniques that enable you to gain entry notes without ever using predefined templates can help you cope with difficult prerequisites. 

  • Easy Data Gathering 

The greatest feature about using PrognoCIS EMR is that it eliminates time-consuming and monotonous duties. That which you are exhausted of doing on a regular basis can be digitalized or replaced with more user-friendly procedures. This saves time and effort for all professionals and keeps the office running smoothly. 

You can revert back to concentrating the majority of your time and effort on clinical outcomes with a simple technique for data gathering. Also, make a note of how much time you spend on documentation. It’s easy to communicate notes and essential paperwork with clients now that everything is in one place. 

Keep in mind that you can also personalize your notes. And successfully gather information just by using the requirements that your clinic requires.

  • Efficiently Report Data 

Data exchange can become more useful, streamlined, and incorporated into data collection with PrognoCIS. Both your firm’s physicians and clients can use this system to communicate data. By information sharing like this, the expense of providing quality care is reduced. It also makes gathering information from multiple sources simpler.

You’ll easily reduce the number of pointless exams and enhance the communication between your professionals and professionals with this characteristic. They can be used as a reference while providing quality services and contribute to the development of a balanced health data environment. 

  • Telemedicine

PrognoCIS Telemedicine system facilitates client access to medical services and enhances patient/doctor interaction while lowering physician operational expenses. Virtual appointments for emergency or diagnostic requirements can be scheduled promptly.

Specialized health institutions can provide competent diagnosis and care to individuals in underdeveloped or remote locations. It also provides expert health and preventive services through virtual in-home surveillance. It even allows first responders to cure patients in real time utilising wireless equipment.

PrognoCIS’ HIPAA-compliant telehealth EHR technology is developed to enhance the functionality and connection of your firm’s EHR system by integrating online healthcare smartphone apps. Internet solutions all function collectively to make client involvement as simple as a single click, allowing you to see more clients for less cost. 

  • Patient Portal 

Clients and practices can use PrognoCIS from any internet-connected platform, including iPads, mobiles, Desktops, and Macs. Clients can begin utilizing this time-saving tool by downloading the PrognoCIS Patient Portal from the Apple or Android stores. Patient Portal can perform the following tasks:

  • Send notifications to clients, including reminder notification, electronic invoices, and laboratory tests.
  • Connect effectively with the client’s additional doctors.
  • Within the Patient Portal, you may check account summaries and enable clients to execute activities.
  • Before appointments, have people fill out documents electronically to save time. 
  • Rapidly and securely share patient information in a HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • The challenges in changing EMR software vendors

The most difficult and challenging issue practices face is moving patient data from previous software systems to modern ones. The transfer of patient records include duplicate patient names and the vast majority of the information has to be manually entered which can be time-consuming and exhausting. Other obstacles include the loss of productivity and the time needed to educate staff members on the new system. Therefore, it is recommended to constantly look at EMR software options based on the functionality, user-friendliness training, interoperability, and. Here are a few good Electronic Medical store software options you might look into for your medical practice.

PrognoCIS EMR Pricing 

PrognoCIS pricing starts at $250.00 per user, per month. They do not have a free version. PrognoCIS does not offer a free trial.

PrognoCIS EMR reviews 

PrognoCIS EMR has received a lot of positive reviews. The software has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 which is super good compared to other best ehr software. If you want to know more about PrognoCIS EMR, make sure to schedule a PrognoCIS EMR demo through Software Finder.

Final Thoughts! 

PrognoCIS EHR is a very well structured EHR Software. The software has excellent features that can cater to different medical specialties. Figuring out whether or not the software is good for you is hard. We think you should check out as many PrognoCIS EMR reviews as possible. 

Reading out the reviews will help you figure out what the current users have to say about the software. Other than that, we recommend scheduling a PrognoCIS EMR demo. Getting to know the software and its features beforehand will help you understand if the software will suit your practice.

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