Issues of Not Doing Recovery Training for Yoga and How to Fix Them

As much as you like to practice yoga or any other exercise, rest is equally important. Giving your body some rest is more important than exercising. You might be thinking that is absurd. Well, rest gives your body time to heal and recuperate from all the burden you put on it. So, you should incorporate recovery training into your exercise routine.


However, plenty of people just want to push harder without any reason. Check out what you might have to face if you do not do recovery training. Once you are done, don’t forget to read how to fix the issues. Read on.


Issues of Not Doing Recovery Training


Over Train

When you spend too much time practicing yoga, it leads to over-training of your muscles. Moreover, over-training does not let you do recovery training to relax or rest your body. Hence, too much exercise or too little sleep could be harmful to you.


Furthermore, combining over-training with imbalanced nutrition could be dangerous for your body and mind.


Risk of Injury

Tired muscles could lead to injury. When you keep on practicing yoga or any other exercise without any rest, your body is going to underperform. In that scenario, the risk of injury increases by many folds.


Moreover, your muscles and joints are always under constant stress. So, you might end up hurting yourself badly if you don’t rest or relax your muscles. To know about human body anatomy and joint movement, you should enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training in India.


Slower Muscle Growth

Not recovering fully can also impact your muscle growth. The muscle fascia under your skin tightens up. That leads to lower flexibility and mobility of your muscles and joints. Therefore, it will hamper the growth of your muscles.


Not just that, you won’t get stronger even with regular yoga practice or exercise. Resting lets the release of stress or fatigue built up in your muscles or joints. So, you are advised to practice recovery training at least once a week to regain strength.


Constantly Sore Body

There is a myth that more sore muscles mean more growth. To some extent this is true. Otherwise, the claims are completely false. Soreness does depict the work done by your muscles but that does not mean growth.


Soreness could also be due to over-training your muscles. Thus, your muscles don’t have the energy to sustain your body and they feel weak & sore. This increases the risk of injury because the body does not respond well with regular exercising or yoga practice when the body is sore.


Poor Sleep Quality

Another thing that you might encounter with no recovery training is the poor quality of sleep. Over trained sympathetic nervous system completely disrupts your sleep cycles. In turn, your body spends more and more time in fight or flight mode.


Thus, your body does not sleep or rest properly. Also, so much muscle soreness and tension prevent the body from following the natural sleep cycles. Over time, sleeplessness hampers your fitness or health.


Hormonal Imbalance

Scientifically, hormones are mere chemical present in your brain. They are released when you move through a certain situation or circumstance. When your body is stressed for a longer time, the release of a single form of hormone becomes a regular thing.


Thus, you always stay stressed or tense that leads to various mental or physical health illnesses.


How to Fix Inadequate Recovery Training

Change Your Mindset

Do not think that only hard work is going to take you towards your goal. Rest is indeed a major need for your body. So, change your thinking.

Know Your Body

Understand your body first. Do not follow pre-constructed workout routines. They are meant for someone else in some other time or space. You should know what your body demands and give that to it. Especially rest or recovery training routine.

Practice Restorative Yoga

One of the best things you should do is to practice Restorative yoga. In case you are a novice, enroll in a 300 hour yoga teacher training in India to learn it from masters.

Sum Up

Make sure you include the above-mentioned ways to fix the issues that you might face with over-training. When you understand that rest is equally important, that is the moment you start moving towards your goal. Otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself and completely getting off track.

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