Invisalign Cost in London and What You Should Expect

Invisalign in London – Cost and Expectations

For several years, Invisalign has been and is still making the headies in cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to its technology, Invisalign provides a barely noticeable method of treatment for misaligned teeth. The clear aligners are also removable and do not involve any metal brackets and wires. These are the features that have endeared Invisalign to patients around the world.

For an innovative treatment like Invisalign, one crucial aspect people would definitely like to know is the cost. Most people have not been encouraged to get Invisalign because of the cost. This seems to be a challenge. But is that really what it is? Some big provider of Invisalign has reported that the cost of Invisalign and braces aren’t much different. Besides, price should not be the only consideration when it comes to choosing teeth straightening treatment. That said, how much does Invisalign cost in London? Let’s check it out.

For how much will Invisalign be offered in London?

Generally, for between £1,995 to £3,000, you can get Invisalign, but it comes down to the type of Invisalign you are getting and how severe the malocclusion is. 

Where the teeth misalignment is mild, and just a minimal movement of the front teeth is required, a good option for treatment is the Invisalign i7. The cost of this Invisalign type is the lowest of all. Of course, you will agree that not everyone may develop slight malocclusion; some persons have serious tooth misalignment problems. So, if the teeth are severely crooked, you may get Invisalign Full – the regular type and Invisalign Teen at a starting price of £3,500. This treatment will take an average of 12 to 18 months to be completed. 

For more Invisalign offers London and their price, you can visit or call London Braces. We would give you detailed information about types of Invisalign and how much they go for. This would give you a much better idea of what to expect and how to plan for your treatment when the time finally comes.

Having said that, let us consider the factors that are influencing the price of Invisalign. This is another important thing you should know.

Factors affecting Invisalign cost in London

Getting a complimentary consultation for Invisalign is advised to help you plan treatment ahead of time. This can be arranged at London Braces. Another way to know the cost of this treatment is by using the cost calculator on the official Invisalign website. But keep in mind that the cost is not the same. It varies with country and provider. This means that what an Invisalign provider in a choice part of London will charge is not the same as what a provider in a rural area would charge.

Just like every other form of dental treatment, the following factors will determine the fee you will pay for Invisalign:

  • The provider: Who is providing your Invisalign? What qualifications do they have? Where is their office located? These are some of the considerations the provider brings to the fore while estimating their fee for Invisalign. There are various designations that Invisalign providers have. Seeking a provider with the highest designation equals higher cost. The extent to which a provider has acquired additional Invisalign training also impacts the treatment cost. If an Invisalign provider has their office in town, the overhead cost of running the practice will certainly rub off on the cost of Invisalign.
  • Case complexity: Different types of malocclusion require different Invisalign treatment. Mild cases will require minimal correction and may be cheap. Severe cases will need advanced teeth movement and may be very expensive.
  • Dental insurance: These days, Invisalign is covered by many insurance plans, however, the turnout is not the same. Some dental insurance may not offer a cover for Invisalign cost London. So, we advise that you check with your insurance provider whether Invisalign is under coverage should you need the treatment someday. In addition, there are times patients pay for Invisalign out-of-pocket. 

Book your Invisalign consultation today

If you come to us at London Braces for Invisalign, we will provide you with a detailed quote without hidden charges. Our price covers the aligner trays, x-rays, head scans, pictures, and visits to the dentist. We provide exceptional patients care. 

And if you would like to know more about Invisalign to help make up your mind, our dentists will be very glad to discuss it with you. Feel free to talk about any concerns you’re having, and we’ll do our best to treat your concerns. We hope this post was helpful.

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