How to start dropshipping on Flipkart?


When starting an online business, the first thing that comes to mind is the marketplace to sell. The idea of how to sell products online successfully is all linked to having a robust existence and link to a marketplace that can allow you to reach globally. Flipkart offers one such opportunity.

One of the biggest platforms for all kinds of products, dropshipping on Flipkart has given more opportunities to budding entrepreneurs than ever. So, let us look at the benefits of dropshipping, especially on Flipkart.

About Flipkart Dropshipping

Flipkart, which Walmart backs, has surpassed Amazon and Snapdeal as India’s most popular ecommerce sites. Flipkart Dropshipping India offers 185000+ high-quality items from the most popular categories in online shopping, including clothes and apparel, electronics, mobile accessories, home appliances, and more.

Allowing the ecommerce sellers to sell any product without the hassle of managing the stock with the complete end-to-end integration with the best logistics partner website, Flipkart Dropshipping is one great opportunity.

Features Of Dropshipping On Flipkart

From offering the best ecommerce logistics company to the most appropriate courier rates in India, Flipkart dropshipping is one great opportunity to earn benefits and have a better income. The biggest concern while starting an online business is managing the stock and ensuring that there is no obsolete stock.

With the dropshipping on Flipkart, the seller can get multiple features and benefits, which are listed below:

It is one great way to test the market for the product without worrying about getting the stock obsolete.
The upfront cost of starting dropshipping is quite low. There is a cost linked to warehousing.
As there is no inventory to manage, you can reduce the cost of logistics and management too.
Dropshipping on Flipkart allows the seller to reach a huge base of customers with the least effort.
While using this service, you can sell an unlimited variety of products with no worry of running out of inventory or stock.
The feature of Fulfillment by Flipkart allows you to optimize and strategize your selling plans and help you earn better.

How To Do Dropshipping On Flipkart?

Dropshipping on Flipkart is truly easy and lucrative when you have the right set of products and plan ready. The broad steps to be followed to start doing the same are as follows:

Start with knowing the product that you are planning to sell. It is the first step that will answer how to sell onlinequeries.
Now since you are looking for dropshipping, locate a stockist who can offer you the products. Make sure to check the authenticity and genuineness.
Read through the terms and conditions and accept them. Provide all your details to register as the seller as required by the platform.
List down the products that you are willing to sell on the Flipkart store. Make sure to brand and describe them properly.
Use the fulfillment services for better management and serviceability.

The broad steps followed in drop shipping includes buyer placing the order, dropshipping supplier completes the order, and seller getting net amount after deduction of drop shipping fees.


Starting an online business with dropshipping is one of the best decisions to make. It allows the seller to leverage the benefits of better rates, reach, and ecommerce international shipping solutions. And starting the dropshipping on Flipkart offers multifold benefits that will ensure you earn better and greater profits in no time.

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