How to Prepare for Government Exams While Doing Graduation?

Lakhs of youngsters choose to flourish their career in government jobs after completing graduation. Generally, there are two types of candidates: The dedicated candidates who start preparing for the exam early to have an edge over their competitors. The other ones are the late risers who start preparing a few months before the exam date but are able to crack the exam with a perfect score.  Most of the candidates start preparing for the government exams during their graduation days. Some of them prepare for the exam on their own, while others seek help from a coaching institute for exam preparation. Everyone puts in hard efforts to prepare effectively for the exam. In this article, every college going student is going to know some fruitful tips for government exam preparation. 

The most common exams candidates prepare during graduation are SBI PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, AFCAT, SBI Clerk etc. For sure, college students have free time during graduation. Some use that time for partying and roaming with friends. Whereas, others use that time for their betterment by choosing to prepare for government exams. 

Here are some efficacious tips that can help college students to prepare for government exams:

Many surveys reveal that the ideal time for government exam preparation is approximately two years.  However, you can cut this time by using strategic preparation techniques. 

  • Analyze exam syllabus and it’s level

First, make a list of government exams that you are eligible to appear for after graduation. Afterwards, analyze the syllabus of every exam then choose an exam that includes the subjects of your interests. Also, know the difficulty level of the exam. It can help you know how much effort you need to prepare for an exam. On the basis of this information, you can craft a suitable timetable for yourself.

  • Buy appropriate study material

After choosing the exam and knowing it’s syllabus, now it’s the time to buy relevant study material for exam preparation. You may get confused while buying study material. So, we would recommend you to seek help from your mentor or candidates who have already cleared a government exam. Make sure the books you are purchasing are sufficient to complete the exam syllabus. Moreover, there are various online portals that can offer you reliable study material for government exam preparation.

  • Set proper time for studies

It’s obvious that you won’t be having a whole day to prepare for the government exam. You need to attend your college classes as well. So, how to give time to exam preparation? Simply, you can choose to study during early morning hours or late night hours. Some days you can also get a free lecture. At that time, you can choose to study in the college library.

We would suggest you prepare for practical subjects during early morning hours. Leave theoretical subjects for late night hours. However, you can choose any other way that is suitable for you. But, make sure you study at the same time everyday. 

  • Prepare strong topics first

Choose to prepare strong topics first, it may take less time. Invest dedicated time to brush up on your knowledge and basic concepts. Slowly and gradually move to the tough topics. This way you won’t feel bored while preparing for the exam. Additionally, you can easily make time to prepare for the exam with graduation.

  • See some previous year papers

You can see some previous year papers to get an idea regarding the level of the exam. It is advisable to see at least 10 previous year papers before appearing for the exam. This way you will get to know about the weightage of various topics in the exam. For effective preparation, you can prefer to solve these question papers. You can easily get previous year papers from various websites.

  • Solve mock tests

Apart from previous year papers, it is essential to solve mock tests as well. Practicing mock tests can help you know where you are lacking. Also, you can improve your speed and accuracy of solving questions. If you will solve at least two mock tests in a day, chances are you will score high marks. Also, you can easily save yourself from negative marking in the exam. You can download mock tests from the internet or buy them from a book store near you.

  • Make proper notes of every subject

You can prepare notes of every subject. Here are some tips to make proper notes:

  • Prepare detailed notes of subjects like English and General Knowledge.
  • For practical subjects like maths and reasoning, you can make brief notes on formulas, short cuts and tables. 
  • Try to use colourful pens while making headings in your notes.
  • Use highlighter to mark important words and sentences.
  • Write notes in simple languages.

Note that these notes will help you revise concepts during the final phase of preparation. So, don’t skip making notes.

  • Take help from a coaching institute

You can easily prepare for most of the topics of every subject. But, there will be some topics that you won’t be able to prepare on your own. Seeking help from a coaching institute can always help you to prepare properly for every topic and subject of the exam.  So, try to enrol yourself in an institute that is proficient in giving the best coaching. As you’ll be attending college classes during the day, choose an early morning or evening batch for coaching. This way you can easily manage your time with graduation to prepare for the government exam. 

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These are some of the proven tips that can help every college going student to prepare for government exams. They just need to manage their time perfectly to study for government exams. However, it doesn’t mean that they need to sacrifice their graduation for government exam preparation. If you are a college going student, then note that your first priority is to clear your graduation exams. You will not be eligible to appear for government exams, if your graduation exams are not cleared. So, study for government exams during the extra hours of your day.

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