How To Perform USB Printer Setup With Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router?

Today every home has a wireless printer that works with internet connectivity. With these printers, you can also print and copy documents remotely through your mobile phone. But the network connectivity for these printers should be such that your printer stays connected or it will work. If you wish to buy a network device for the wireless USB printer then you can buy a Belkin AC1600 Gigabit router. Because the network connectivity is faster & better. It fully supports a USB printer. Because the USB port is built-in in this printer. The wireless network performance is faster, reliable, & constant. The dual-band network is optimized in this router that delivers high network performance. The 300Mbps network range is enhanced in a 2.4GHz network and 1.3Gbps wireless speed is enhanced in a 5GHz network. 

The AC1600 wireless networking router is compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network standards. The MultiBeam technology is equipped in this router that absolutely eliminates the Wifi dead spot. The 2.0 & 3.0 USB port is built-in on the back panel of the router. If you wish to enhance the network signals of the AC1600 networking router then you can configure the wireless setting. The wireless setting is necessary to properly enhance the network signals. Then, with belkin.range you can easily configure the wireless settings. 

Hardware information about Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router

The Belkin networking router provides a high-speed network signal for all the client devices. If you wish to get the high-speed network signals for your client device then you should know the detailed information about this router. If you know detailed information about this router then you can follow some steps.

Router status light

There is an LED status light on the front panel of the router which shows the status of the router. If the status light is off theta means your router is not plugged into a power source. If the status light status blinks blue that means your router is starting up. If the LED’s status is solid blue that means the router is connected to the internet. If the LEDs are blinking amber that means the router can’t detect the modem. 

Gigabit LAN port & modem WAN port

The LAN ports & one WAN port are situated on the back panel of the AC1600 router. You can easily connect the modem to the router through the WAN port by using an Ethernet cable. You can easily connect the computer & other wired devices to the router by using the LAN port. Thus the LAN port is usually more helpful for wired devices. 

2.0 & 3.0 USB port

The 2.0 & 3.0 USB port is also placed on the back panel of the wireless network router. Through this port, you can easily connect your USB devices such as a printer, Pendrive, network-attached storage device, and more. Thus, the USB port is also useful for USB devices. 

Wi-Fi Protected Setup button & light

The Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) button is also there in the Belkin router. This button allows connecting your traditional device without using any cable. Then, you can easily connect your existing device to this network by pressing the button. 

Reset button 

The reset button is more useful for the wireless router. If your router is not working then you can press this button and completely reset the device. Thus, the reset button is useful to properly maintain the device. 

Perform USB Printer Setup With Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router

If you have a USB wireless printer and you can print or copy the documents remotely then you should connect the printer to the WIFi network. The Belkin router is most suitable for the USB device. If you wish to get high-speed network signals for the wireless printer then you should perform the setup. If you think about how to perform the setup of the USB printer with the router then you can easily perform it by using the belkin ac1600. This is the official web address that provides more help to accurately perform the setup. 

Connect the USB printer to the wireless DB router:

If you wish to perform the setup in a quick manner then you need to connect the USB printer to the router. Then, with a USB port, you can easily connect the printer to the router. On the back panel of the wireless DB router, the USB port is placed. You can take an Ethernet cable and then plug this cable into the available USB port. After that, give the power by using the power adapter. Now, your device is turned ON, and verify if it properly connects to the network. If you wish to have your printer stay connected then you should perform the setup.

Perform the setup through IP address:

If you really wish to enhance the network signals then your printer stays connected then you should do the setup. You can use the web interface and then input 192.168. 2.1. Now, you get the login page, you can enter the login password and properly log in to the account. Then, visit the setting and select the wireless setting. In this setting, you can configure network band, wireless security, channel, & internet connection. After that, the network signals are absolutely enhanced.

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