Guide To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

Guide To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier

As the proverb goes, ‘health is wealth,’ we all know that possessing good health is your ultimate wealth and how important it is to live a good life. Being healthy and fit is all that is the basic requirement of people nowadays. To maintain health, it is extremely important to get hold of water without impurities. In other words, purified water is your key to the way of living a healthy lifestyle.

Water is considered to be another name of life. However, nowadays, our drinking water is polluted and no longer safe for us. Our regular tap water contains viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. That is why it has become a necessity these days to use a water purifier. Doctors and experts also recommend having a water purifier installed in every household.

When it comes to buying a water purifier, it can be tough to decide on one. Several water purifiers are available in the market, and you need to choose according to your requirements. However, an RO water purifier can be best suited for you if you have water provided by the municipality. Additionally, Kent RO service Gurgaon is much Known for its prompt service.

Know Your RO Purifier

RO water purifier makes purifiers based on the process of reverse osmosis purification. It is best known for its multi-layered purification process. Our regular tap water contains bacteria, viruses, dirt, and harmful chemicals like chlorine, iron, arsenic, and lead. The RO purifier always dissolves those impurities and offers you fresh water to drink. Though it removes contaminants from water, the minerals and good bacteria required for our health are always retained after the filtration system.

Moreover, on-time service and maintenance of purifiers are necessary to have safe water for a long time and ensure longevity and good health. In that case, RO is a simple water purification process that can be maintained easily.

Importance of Cleaning Your RO Purifier

It is always important to clean and maintain your RO purifier for its proper functions. Changing filters and routine maintenance are necessary for the system to work aptly. The cleaning and sanitization process may differ from one house to another as it depends on the usage and the quality of water of that area. However, experts recommend cleaning the RO filter from 3 to 12 months. Not changing the filter may harm the RO Membrane system, and therefore, it will interrupt the whole purification process.

RO Maintenance

To maintain your RO purifier, all filters should be changed annually. If your RO does not maintain periodically, then its systems can begin to deteriorate. To keep up your purifier’s performance, RO Membrane should be changed per annum.

  • First of all, emptying the storage tank is important
  • Removal of the RO Membrane, filters and replacing the filter housings are to be done
  • Bleach is used during the cleaning process and in this regard, using an adequate amount of the solution for one hour is important. All chemicals present in the filter system are to be cleared with soft water only
  • The condition of the O-rings should be checked thoroughly to ensure whether it needs replacement or not
  • The water tank should also be cleared. Neglecting it may cause a bad odor in your unhygienic drinking water
  • The pre-filtration and post-filtration processes are used to clear out the germs and other impurities from the purifier, so it needs special care. The pre-filter or sediment filter removes the dirt from the water. The carbon filter dissolves the chlorine and other contaminants and prevents them from getting into the RO Membrane. RO Membrane cleans out the remaining contaminants and offers you healthy, fresh, and tasty water to drink
  • After all the changing and cleaning, they are reattaching all the parts carefully and opening the valve for water flow are also necessary

When To Change The Filter

It may be confusing or difficult for you to understand when you need to change your RO filter. You may understand this when the taste of the water changes and the membranes are worn out. However, some advanced RO filters have new features in them. Considering this, those come with filter change alert sound, which will help you understand when to change and book for your service appointment. If the filter is not changed, the purifier stops water filtration for your safety. On this note, you can book your service request with the RO service center in Gurgaon who is always ready to help you out.

As mentioned before, RO purifiers can be your call if you want to consume pure water, and your regular tap water needs multi-layered purification to ensure your family is leading a healthy life.

Ending Note

Water purifiers, which are a basic requirement nowadays, have become an integral part of our lives. The water purifier can save us from various diseases and gives us contaminants free water to drink. That is why experts always advise getting a purifier in every household. RO purifier provides you with freshwater, and it is easy to maintain. So if you are planning to install one or are not done with the booking, buy an RO purifier today and enjoy the bliss of having safe drinking water.


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