Do windshield wipers drain your car’s battery?

 Can Windshield Wipers Drain Your Battery?

Windscreen wipers are one of those elements of a car that most people don’t even think about. This is due to the fact that they merely perform a service and that there aren’t several things you may do to maintain the windshield wiper.


Do windshield wipers drain your car’s battery?

As a car owner, there are a number of things to be aware of, especially when it comes to turning them on and off. Anything you leave on can drain your car’s battery, leaving you stranded, and you don’t want that since you can’t even start your car. As a result, it’s vital that you maintain a close check on your car’s many peripherals and accessories.

Car owners are well aware that they should replace their car wipers every six months to one year, depending on how much visibility is affected over the meantime. Other than that, we don’t think about windshield wipers. We only think about windshield wipers when we are changing them. But there is a very important question that many car owners have is that can Windshield Wipers Drain Your Battery?

Most vehicle owners are aware of what are the things they need to turn off before turning their cars off, but the windshield wipers are sometimes overlooked. Because of this, it is extremely typical for individuals to not see the windshield wipers at all unless it is pouring or outside their windows.

In this sense, it’s easy enough to forget that you have turned on your windshield wipers when it was raining and if you forgot that you had switched on your car wipers, it’s more likely to forget to turn it off. 

Your windshield wipers won’t work properly if your car is turned off, so keep that in mind. That means they won’t drain your car’s battery while they’re not moving, unlike when you keep the lights on even when the car is turned off. You will not deplete the battery by leaving the wipers on when your car is off.


At the same time, if you leave the windshield wiper while the car is driving, that will be another matter. If your car is already driving and you turn on the wipers when you are not in the car or waiting for someone in the car for too long, the wipers are likely to drain the car’s battery.


Because if the wipers are not moving, they won’t deplete your battery, even if you have them on and they’re switched on. In any case, when they’re moving, logic would dictate that they’ll deplete your car’s battery no matter what the scenario is.

It’s best to switch off all of your car’s gadgets, just in case. The windshield wipers and other accessories should be turned off before you leave your automobile.


What actually drains your car batteries?

The first thing that will drain the car’s battery is to keep the lights in the car on. We have all done this at least once in our driving career. If your car doesn’t have a system that warns you when the lights are on, it’s easy to keep them on all the time.

Extreme temperatures, such as a scorching summer heat or a bitterly cold winter night, can quickly deplete your battery due to the way the temperature affects the chemistry inside the battery’s cells. In order to protect your automobile from high temperatures, it’s a good idea to keep it shaded in the summer and winter.

A faulty battery might be at blame. Four to six years is the average battery life. If the battery lasts longer than that, the charge may be depleted faster than usual. A smart suggestion is to keep track of your battery’s lifespan in order to detect changes in the rate at which it drains.



Your windscreen wipers do not drain your car’s battery. There are a lot of other factors that can drain your vehicle’s battery. When you buy car accessories online there are a lot of advantages, when compared to offline purchase, you will find a great deal online.

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