Budget-Friendly Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali Gift Ideas

The festival of Diwali comes only once a year. It brings an opportunity for us to express our love and show appreciation towards our dear ones by amazing them through our gifts which reflect our love, affection, gratitude and care towards them. If you want to buy Happy Diwali cake or gifts for your family members, friends, or other dear ones, you must be thinking of the amount it will cost you.

No doubt, gifting is always a nice gesture, but it can also cost you lots of money. Since it is the festive season, you can expect things to be both expensive and cheap due to the various marketing strategies that prevail. Since you want to buy so many gifts for celebrating Diwali with your loved ones, you must be worried about the budget. So here’re a few gift ideas that would fit your budget, thereby ensuring that the festive celebrations do not burn a hole in your pocket. You may have a look at various low budget Diwali gifts and have a pleasant time with your friends and family members. 

Fairy Lights

Diwali is celebrated by lighting every corner of the house and the streets, thereby making sure that there is no darkness anywhere around. You can buy fairy lights as gifts for your dear ones. They too would be delighted to receive this gift as this can be utilised by them in decorating their house on Diwali and various other occasions. Whenever they would use the light, it would remind them of you. 

Photo frame

One of the best ideas of expressing your love to your dear ones is by amazing them through a photo memory gift. You can buy a photo frame for your sister, brother, parents, or friends and wish them well on the occasion of Diwali. The best part is that photo frames do not cost a lot, thereby helping you save yourself from the stress of spending a lot of money on gifts. You can buy photo frame gifts for all of your relatives and wish them well. 


Diwali is all about illuminating every corner of the earth. It is pretty common to look for candles, lanterns, diyas or any other source of light on the occasion of Diwali. So in order to buy budget-friendly gifts for your dear ones, you can buy a beautiful candle holder for your loved one. Besides that, you can also buy scented candles and offer them to your dear ones. 

Cookie box

Diwali is associated with new clothes, sweets, chocolates and crackers. You can buy a delightsome cookie hamper for your dear ones. there are many varieties of tasty cookies that can be offered to your loved ones as a token of love for wishing them a very happy and prosperous Diwali. You may buy choco chips cookies, multigrain cookies, sugar-free cookies, etc. 

Dream catcher

Another budget-friendly option for Diwali gifts can be to buy dream catchers for your friends and family members. You can also try your artistic abilities and offer handmade dream catchers as a gift. 

Chocolate gifts

You can buy delicious chocolates for Diwali gifts for friends and offer them to your dear ones. they would surely be delighted to receive this box of tasty delights from you. You may choose any variety of chocolate and bless your Diwali celebrations with lots of chocolate delight for your loved ones. 

Feng shui tortoise

While everyone would be looking for Diwali gifts such as flowers, dry fruit hampers, cookie hampers, chocolates, premium sweet boxes etc., you can choose to buy showpieces for your loved ones. You may buy a sweet little Feng Shui tortoise to wish good fortunes and prosperity for your dear ones. 

Glass bowl set

You can visit a local shop or browse through the internet and look for a dinner set or glass bowl set for your dear ones. These gifts can be used by your friends and family members often. Thereby reminding them of your love towards them. 

Divine figurine

Religious figurines or god idols can also be an excellent option for a gift. You may buy an Idol of Lord Ganesha or a trio of Goddess Lakshmi, goddess Saraswati, and Lord Ganesha and offer it to your friends and relatives. Besides that you can also buy a figurine of Gautam Buddha, laughing Buddha and wish your relatives well. 

So stop worrying about your budget over Diwali and get some adorable and budget-friendly gifts for wishing festive delights to your friends and family members and have a delightful celebration with everyone.

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