Asustor NAS Storage Device Not Accessible In Windows 10? Fix It!!

The Asustor NAS is a wireless network-attached storage device that is usually more helpful to store files & documents. There is a lot of data in big companies, on the basis of which the company continues to grow. Then, these companies need to save this data in the proper manner. The computers and laptops they have do not have enough storage that can save this data. If you want to save data for your company, then you can use an Asustor NAS storage device. Because the storage capacity is more and the data is fully saved & secured. The 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor is there in this device that amplifies the speed. But this system works with the WiFi system, then you can connect the storage device to the wireless router.

The network-attached storage device completely supports the LAN port then, with this port you can easily connect the network device to the NAS. if the network connectivity is not available then it is not working. If you wish to remotely access the files & documents then you can easily access them. But for this, you need to know the asustor default password & Login default IP. In the NAS manual, you can easily find out the IP & password. 

Why is Asustor NAS Storage Device Not Accessible In Windows 10?

The network-attached storage device is fully compatible with window 10 computers. You can easily share the documents & files from the computer to the NAS. But sometimes the network-attached storage device is not accessible in Windows 10. Then, there are some reasons that are not accessible, which are as follows.


  • Windows 10 is far away from the storage device
  • Cable connection is faulty
  • Not turn ON window 10 device
  • Firmware version is outdated of storage device


Brilliant ways to solve the issue Asustor NAS Storage Device Not Accessible In Windows 10

If the storage device is not accessible in the window 10 device then you need to verify the issue. Because it is not accessible then you cannot share the files & documents. If you wish to manually resolve the issue then you should follow some ways and then easily resolve the issue. 

Using wired connection

If Windows 10 is not accessible in the network-attached storage device then you can verify the connection. If you are using the wireless connection then you can use the wired connection to manually resolve the issue. Because the wired connection is more correct than the wireless connection. The wireless is repeatedly broken and users face the issue. The Asustor NAS device absolutely supports the USB port & LAN port. Then, with this port, you can easily make the connection in a quick manner. For this, you can take a USB cable and then plug this cable into an available USB port of the storage device & window 10 devices. After attaching the cable to the USB port of the device, you can power ON the device and verify. After that, the storage device is accurately accessible in the window 10 device. 

Place the Window 10 device near the NAS device

If the network-attached storage device is not accessible in the window 10 device, then you should verify the position of both devices. If the window 10 device is far away from the NAS device, then it is not accessible. Then, to manually fix the issue, you can place the computer on the storage device. If you place it near the storage device then the problem will be really solved. And you will be able to easily share the document with the storage device.

Restart the network-attached storage device

If you manually resolve the not accessible issue then you can restart the device. Any problem is resolved by restarting the device. If you want to restart windows 10 and storage devices then you have to disconnect the wires from these devices. And it has to be unplugged from the power circuit. After this, you have to hold down the Power button for a while and power off the device. Then for a few minutes, like 10-15 minutes, these devices will have to be turned on. After turning ON the device, you should perform the asustor nas setup with windows 10. After that problems probably will be solved. 

Update the NAS device firmware 

If the network-attached storage device is not accessible on the Windows 10 computer then you should verify the firmware version. If the new firmware version is available and you use an outdated firmware version then it is not accessible. To quickly resolve the issue, you can update the firmware if it is outdated. You can open the web browser and accurately input the NAS device IP address. After login into the account by using the login default password. Now visit the settings and quickly update the firmware in the latest version. Now, it is accessible on the Windows 1o computer. 

Clean the cache & cookies in the window 10 device 

If the NAS device is not accessible in the window 10 computer. Then you should verify the cache & cookies. If more cache & cookies are there in your device then the issue always comes. To accurately resolve the issue, you can cache & cookies in the proper manner. Just visit the tools & settings of this device and entirely clean the cache & cookies. After that, it is accessible on Windows 10 computers.

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