Android 12: Everything You Need to Know

Android 12: Everything You Need to Know

Google has recently released the Android 12 Beta 3 version for its users. At present, some of the best gaming phones support this new age OS. However, due to its exciting and coming-of-age features, Sno-cone or android 12 has the potential to become a massive hit with millions of users.

Being a new update and newly launched OS, it comes with scrolling screenshots, capture mode, etc. So if you are lucky enough, you can become a proud user of android 12 with the best gaming phone.

android 12

Here are some exciting features of “Snowcone” android 12 that you need to know- 

Privacy dashboard-

Android 12 comes with a curated dashboard where users can customize their privacy as per their preference. It allows the user to check how apps are accessing their data and the data access frequency. The newly launched dashboard is available in the privacy tab under the setting section. It correctly displays how different apps and services are using your camera, body sensors, calendar. Phone gallery or mic. 

Shortcuts for special apps

The new beta update has offered another great feature in android 12. It is a special shortcut option in the power menu. You can now access your digital wallets and device control feature easily with just a single click with this option. In addition, the floating button called “Quick Access Wallet” will be available on the lock screen, and you can use the wallets for payment without unlocking your device. 

 Quick Tip

The Beta 2 version and even the latest beta 3 version are also available with a quick tap gesture. It can be found in the “Gesture” tab under the “Systems” section in the “Settings” menu. It allows you to activate Google Assistant by tapping twice on the back of your phone. 

Game dashboard

What makes this dashboard version an excellent choice for the best gaming phones? The answer is “Gaming Dashboard.” This new age OS comes with a specially curated dashboard for gaming purposes. For example, you can use it to stream your gameplay on Youtube Live. You can also use this dashboard to capture a screenshot, initiate screen recording during gaming, initiate Do not Disturb mode, and many more features to enhance your gaming experience. 

 A platform for app search

The new Beta 3 has also come up with an innovative app search platform for smartphone users. It is a new-age on-device search platform where you will get a structured view of apps alongside the needed data. App search is a fully automated search engine that offers multi-linguistic support, an app ranking system, retrieving data, etc. It will make on-device search better and easier. Users will now be able to navigate to a particular app or document without any hassle. 

Customized theme with wallpaper

Google has taken the customization a notch higher with the latest update in “Snowcone ” android 12. Now, you can customize your theme according to your wallpaper. After choosing the wallpaper, you can select a theme color through the available palate from Material or use any primary color for customizing your theme for the whole mobile. 

Intelligent media player

Another great feature is the new android 12 is its intuitive and intelligent media player. Now it comes with a specific recommendation section called “Show Media recommendations has been added.” It will offer recommendations on sports, birthdays, and even on your music preference. 

Better storage management

With the new “Storage setting” section, users can now find how much storage is left on their device. In addition, you will get detailed information on storage consumption by apps, media files, or documents. 

New status bar

Google has added a new and advanced status bar in their Android 12 update. It is simple yet technologically advanced to ensure you get the best searching experience through the status bar. In addition, Google claims that this status bar will offer better connectivity through Quick Setting Tile and will allow you to simultaneously switch between the networks and solve issues without opening settings. 

Concurrent internet connection

The android 12 now supports peer-to-peer internet connection and can maintain both peer-o-peer and internet connections. That means you can use wi-Fi and a smart home device together, and one will not get disconnected while the other is getting connected. The concurrent connection will enhance the user experience a lot. 

In short, the Android 12 version is a more intuitive, intelligent, and optimized version of all the OS versions released by Google. As a result, it can enhance the user experience drastically and ensure you can enjoy your smartphone in a better way. 

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