8 Different Types Of Diamond Engagement Rings That Symbolize Love

Engagement rings are a big investment. After all, your partner will wear the ring for the rest of their life. There are different types of diamond engagement rings, and selecting the perfect one is not an easy task.   

8 Different types of diamond engagement rings that symbolize love

Undoubtedly, diamonds are the most preferred in engagement rings. Buy people are trying colored gemstones and quirky styles to stand out from the crowd. Let us see the eight different types of diamond engagement rings that symbolize love.   

  1. Solitaire diamond engagement rings

Solitaire diamond engagement rings have a single diamond stone on them. Your budget decides the size and shape of the diamond. Partners with budget constraints can go for the lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

The cut of the diamond decides its sparkle and shine. The different types of diamond shapes and cuts are-  

Round- The brilliant round-cut diamond has 58 facets and allows for maximum reflection of light. It provides exceptional brilliance due to its cut that is classic and ageless.  

Princess– Resembling an inverted pyramid, the princess-cut diamond has greater brilliance and fire than other similar-shaped diamonds. It is generally square-cut.  

Emerald- This cut has long straight lines or steps that offer reflections in abundance. It is perfect if you want a larger piece at lower rates.  

Asscher- This step-cut diamond has more layered facets than an emerald-cut. It has an X-shaped facet in the front view. It also has trimmed corners for extra style and durability.  

Oval- The oval shape diamond offers a larger appearance when compared to the round diamond. It has the same fire and brilliance as a round diamond.

Pear- The pear-shaped diamond, also known as teardrop, has a pointed end. While wearing it, this should point towards the heart.   

Heart- The heart-shaped diamond requires a premium cut for it to be symmetrical and full. The bigger the diamond, the clearer the shape. 

Marquise- The narrow body of the marquise diamond resembles a mouth or an eye. It makes the finger appear longer and slender and is preferred for its unique shape.

Radiant- Next to the round diamond in brilliance, the radiant-cut diamond has numerous facets in its pavilion and crown. Its cropped corners allow for more stability. 

Cushion- It is a square-shaped diamond with round edges making it look like a pillow. It gives a luxury appeal with a modern flair.  

Baguette- The rectangular-shaped Baguette diamond has long parallel lines in step cutting. It makes for graceful side stones in the three diamond engagement rings.

Trillion- Also known as trilliant diamond, it has immense width enough to make an everlasting impression. It has rich brilliance and deep fire making it a centerpiece for an engagement ring. 

Talk to the jeweler for the price and certification when looking for the best solitaire engagement ring in Denver. They assist you with the diamond shapes and their clarity so that your money is spent well.

  1. Antique engagement rings

Antique engagement rings are those that have landed up with a jeweler from any family’s heirloom collection. It has value because the designs are in demand even now. The older the age of the jewelry, the higher is its price. Many of the antique engagement rings from royals and dynasties are sold for a premium at auctions. Ask your local jewelry store in Denver or any other city if they can source it for you.

  1. Vintage engagement rings

The vintage engagement rings are those that mimic the antique rings. These new rings in old-style make for a fashion statement and are the current favorite of the masses. The vintage engagement rings carry a higher price due to the labor involved in making them look like antique rings. But it is something that can be carried forward to your future generations and gifted as family heirlooms.

  1. Three-stone engagement rings

These classic rings have a diamond centerpiece flanked by a smaller diamond on either side. The two smaller diamonds accentuate the centerpiece. You can talk to your local Denver jewelers to combine diamonds of various shapes and sizes to create your own unique three-stone engagement ring. The jewelers are experts in matching the center diamond with the two smaller diamonds.    

  1. Halo engagement rings

The halo engagement ring has a diamond in the center surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. This setting highlights the center diamond and makes it appear larger. The halo setting is popular and preferred by celebrities for its classic and elegant looks.   

  1. Promise engagement rings

Promise rings can be presented anytime to your partner. But it is usually gifted before the engagement to commit to your partner for marriage. Promise rings are small and not as loud as the engagement rings. You can go with any design using smaller diamonds of any shape. The promise is etched on the inside edge of the ring.

  1. Gemstone engagement rings

You can match precious colored gemstones with diamonds for your engagement ring. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires are the most preferred gemstones. You can also opt for rare and unique gemstones like tanzanite, tourmaline, or ammolite. Lady Diana’s (now Kate Middleton’s) engagement ring was a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds in a halo setting. Talk to your jeweler about the quality and rarity of the gemstone before buying your engagement ring in Denver.    

  1. Unique engagement rings

Unique engagement rings are those that do not follow a style or pattern. The local Denver jewelers have expertise in creating unique engagement rings that serve as your style statement.

Wrap up on eight different types of diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings are truly your commitment of love to your partner. Go on and splurge on your engagement ring. There is nothing more than celebrating love! 

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